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This is your hide in the fridge taster pack of 4, covering our hand crafted popular flavours i.e. one each of Berry + Basil, Ginger + Lime, Pomegranate + Mint & Mango + Passion. Caring doesn't mean sharing! Try them all at our discounted price.




₹796.00 Regular Price
₹749.00Sale Price
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  • *Delivering Only in Bengaluru*

    It's alive! Our booch contains a live culture and has to be kept refrigerated under controlled environments. To ensure current quality and prevent over fermentation, please refrigerate your bottles as soon as you receive them. We invite pick-ups and deliver within Bangalore. 

  • My team and I take great pride and care in making our booch the safest and healthiest option around. If you have any issues with your bottle please connect with us for a FREE REPLACEMENT. The bottle contains a live culture and has to be refrigerated at all times, else it will continue to ferment and may cause a bottle burst and that's on you!

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