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Dad's Hack, artisanal craft kombucha is a modern twist on an ancient, naturally fermented tea-based elixir. Filled with gut fiendly bacteria and vitamins, kombucha refreshes and relaxes, even as it energises. An excellent alternative to alcoholic and soft drinks especially when chilling with friends. Along with giving you good time, it is also good for health, digestion and detox. Low in sugar and caffeine.

Pomegranate Mint booch is a luscious marriage of 100% cold pressed juicy pomegranate and organic spearmint grown on our farm.

A stimulating strawberry, blueberry booch subtly spiced with aromatic organic basil. It's a perfect for a family lunch and sundowners with friends.

Now, in a CAN!

Pack of 6 Cans - Berry Basil + Pomegranate Mint

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    It's alive! Our booch contains a live culture and has to be kept refrigerated under controlled environments. To ensure current quality and prevent over fermentation, please refrigerate your cans as soon as you receive them. 

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