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My Kombucha is a modern take on an ancient tea based elixir that leaves you feeling relaxed & energised. Dad's Hack Kombucha is a super healthy, guilt-free adult beverage which you can can confidently say cheers with! It's regularly tested and safe & its great for kids over 5 as well.

This naturally fermented drink is a great alcohol & soft drink alternative, that helps you socialise or unwind without the buzz and hangovers. It's also a great cocktail mixer with your favourite poison - think g&b!


Explore our hand crafted selection of flavours below.  Please visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Welcome to dad's hack kombucha


Those of you who are dads (or moms) or know dads (or moms) will attest to the fact that we get older. Scream or shout there is no denying it. I'm no different, I enjoy my food and booze but my body has been sending me signals (sometimes not so subtle) that I need to tweak my habits a bit. I have kids and finding a balance and being the best dad I can be is not always easy. But when the indignant tears and roars subside, you have to buckle down to reality and start making some changes to live a little longer, by living a little healthier.

I found the hack to many of my problems, a super healthy drink packaged like an adult beverage that fits in great with a drinking crowd. I imagined my life in a party setting, chilling on the beach or at home mid-week post workout playing UNO with the kids. Dad's Hack Kombucha fits in seamlessly, cutting back some of that FOMO. Keeping the authentic home brewed flavour on a commercial scale involves a series of hacks every day! Not convinced? Check it out for yourself. 


Zeshan (a.k.a The Dad)


our flavors

Classic Darjeeling
Pomegranate Mint
Ginger Lime
Orange Turmeric

Zee..loved the Kombucha. Had two bottles by the bonfire over the weekend!

Anahita Batha,
Educator + Entrepreneur + Cool Mum

what people say
Kombucha Drink

Your Kombucha is a life saver! 

I am slowly able to have dairy in limited quantities and it has helped a lot with my gut health. 

I tried your Kombucha and I really really liked it!


I am totally not a Kombucha type though, have never enjoyed it, but I’ve totally enjoyed all yours that I’ve tasted.

And most importantly, I have a feeling they have helped my stomach settle. My tummy has been a bit of a washing machine lately, but there is a noticeable difference after drinking a bottle of your good stuff. 

Great going man, you might just have turned me into a Kombucha junkie 😅


Enjoying your Kombucha post workout today! Also I'm so happy that my boyfriend mixes it with his drink as a replacement for coke!


Kombucherie (unit of Intertrade),
Dad's Hack Kombucha, 1172, 12th Main, 4th Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560008. Karnataka.

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