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How We Got Here

By our Founder, Zeshan Rahaman

I discovered this great drink in 2020 during the first lockdown & started brewing at home, while trying to limit my booze intake and up my gut health. I got a SCOBY from a friend & started brewing Dad's Hack in small glass jars (it took a couple of attempts & lost batches to understand each other). Kombucha literally helped me turn my deteriorating (dare I say aging?) gut health around. My relationship with the live culture quickly became a passion & spiritual journey of discovery.

A friend, Sarah at Copper+Cloves here in Bangalore placed her first large orders with me to supply to her lovely cafe. Close friends, my wife & kids became my earliest customers (guinea pigs) tasting dozens of flavours and combinations until I was satisfied. I have an OCD for detail so hours were spent on research, learning and brewing. Kombucha is still a young category in India & brewers are still few & secretive, a lot of what I know is thanks to a few brewers overseas & their passion. I have since scaled up operations/brewing here in Bangalore & set up a nano-brewery beside a family farm growing organic produce. Many of my ingredients are grown right here.

Why "Dad's Hack Kombucha" you ask? Well, everything I have done until now to create this product and brand are the result of a series of hacks. Moving from a kitchen to a commercial scale involves multiple hacks too! Thanks for stopping by, stay safe, keep it real.